At the convergence of tech and culture, Edge of A Dream has defined a new approach to developing experiences for people and companies. Everyone has a dream and all dreams need activation. We are a brand innovation company, a one-stop shop for the creative experience. We provide strategy for diversity and inclusion. We help brands communicate differently by leveraging the global power of understanding culture and driving innovation. Our extensive entertainment background in digital and TV production is what makes us unique. We’re the ultimate connector when it comes to brand alliances and partnerships. Our collective capabilities allow us to help interesting people and companies do extraordinary things.



As an award-winning content supplier to major entertainment outlets such as Discovery, ABC, NBC, and CBS, we create multicultural programs that educate, motivate and inspire. We articulate ideas and get audiences excited. We know and understand the business bottom lines.


We listen… we collaborate… we create strategies and execute on meticulously crafted action plans with concrete timelines. Whether we are refreshing a brand or transforming ideas into attractive value propositions to generate new alliances — we provide exposure to untapped resources. At Edge Of A Dream, we deliver results.

Our clients